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Marine Ecological Solutions is a North Wales based company specialising in marine ecological surveys and research in the UK and abroad. Our team of marine biologists work both above and below water, throughout the world.

We have specialists experienced in temperate, tropical and sub-tropical environments with valuable experience in the UK, Indo-Pacific and the Red Sea. We are perfectly placed to carry out all aspects of a coastal or marine biological surveying project, from planning through to execution and reporting. Alternatively we can provide experienced scientific and support personnel and consultancy to complement your existing team or research project. Marine Ecological Solutions is also a dive contractor registered with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to carry out scientific diving work in the UK.

We are as passionate about customer service as we are about our science and are always happy to offer a free consultation to discuss any project or specific needs you may have. To request more information or a free consultation please call or email here.

If you would like to view more detail on Marine EcoSol Staff members please follow this link to view our Staff Profiles.