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Our experience covers a wide range of ecological surveys in temperate, tropical and sub-tropical climates, with a particular emphasis on United Kingdom waters and coastlines.

Media Diving Contractor Case Studies

Tir Cymru underwater filming for
Aden productions with Iolo Williams

Filming crew ready for the waterDive supervisor and divers for underwater filming of Welsh natural history and wildlife programme. S4C & Aden Productions. (2009)

Project manager for underwater filming for new Natural history and wildlife documentary series n S4C in association with Aden Productions. As well as logistical supervision Marine EcoSol provided support and standby divers for filming.

You can see snippets of the final product on the S4C Tir Cymru websitehttp://www.s4c.co.uk/tircymru/e_index.shtml

We hope the DVD of the full Tir Cymru series will soon be available to buy through the Marine EcoSol shop too!

Iolo Williams