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Our experience covers a wide range of ecological surveys in temperate, tropical and sub-tropical climates, with a particular emphasis on United Kingdom waters and coastlines.

Media Diving Contractor Case Studies
Filming Arctic char for the BBC

Arctic char, also known as Torgorch or Salvelinus alpinus, are only found in a few cold deep lakes in North Wales, and concerns have been raised about increasing threats by algal blooms in the lakes.

In 2009 the Environment Agency attempted to catch the breeding wild fish in Llyn Padarn, Snowdonia National Park, strip them of their eggs, artificially fertilise them and rear them in the Mawddach Hatchery. The adult fish were then released back into the lake. Marine EcoSol provided a media diving contractor and support divers to film the wild Arctic char laying their eggs in the gravel. The production was by Aden Productions for the BBC news and website.

In November 2010, 800 reared Arctic char were released into the wild at Llyn Crafnant, near Trefriw, Conwy County, to safeguard the population for future generations of fish and people.

Arctic Char

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