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Our experience covers a wide range of ecological surveys in temperate, tropical and sub-tropical climates, with a particular emphasis on United Kingdom waters and coastlines.

Media Diving Contractor Case Studies

 Natur Cymru underwater filming for Aden productions for S4C

2008 was a busy year of filming for Marine EcoSol. We spent much of our summer travelling around the Welsh coast with camera man Paul Kay, filming different habitats for an episode of the Aden Production, Natur Cymru. Marine EcoSol co-ordinated the diving logistics and supplied divers, and we managed to get some wonderful footage with seals and habitats of conservation interest around Wales.

The series was screened on S4C in April 2009. You can see details of the series on the S4C website

. http://www.s4c.co.uk/naturcymru/e_index.shtml

Natur Cymru Filming

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